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Why You Should Visit Costa Rica’s Green Season

Costa Rica Vacations

Have you have ever wondered if booking a trip to Costa Rica during the green season is a good idea? With fewer crowds, lush jungles and better deals, find out why so many return guests prefer to come to Santa Teresa during the rain season.

The green season runs from May to mid-November. During this time the dust settles, the crowds disperse, the rivers begin to flow and the land comes back to life.

Below are a few reasons why the locals and returning guests feel that the green season is the best time of year to visit Santa Teresa.


With the arrival of the rainy season, it’s as if a switch has been flipped. Suddenly everything transforms into a beautiful vibrant green.  The jungle becomes lush, the air is fresh, and there is less dust. Temperatures feel slightly cooler, which is a nice change at the beach where temps can climb into the 90s°F (32°C) in the dry season.


Everything slows down during the green season in Costa Rica. For the most part, you do not really need reservations at your favorite restaurant. There are still people in the bars, so the nightlife is not dead, but it’s easy to place your order. On the beach, smaller crowds mean more beach chairs, less people on your day tour, and more personalized service. Who doesn’t love that?


The green season is less expensive – sometimes up to 40 percent cheaper. During the low season, just about every hotel has reduced rates, car rentals tend to be cheaper, and it’s much easier to negotiate prices on things like tours and activities. Some restaurants offer 2-for-1 specials and even airfare is usually more affordable than the dry season months.


Green season means you might encounter an occasional shower during the day but most of the time the rains come at night. The days are generally warm and clear providing plenty of time to hit the pool, beach, or to take a tour.  Costa Rica is famous for its great surf all year round, but the green season is the time of year when the swells tend to be the biggest and the best.

There is a lot less urgency in the green season. So if you want to do a last minute trip to Costa Rica, you can. In the rainy season, it’s entirely possible to put a trip together a month, or sometimes weeks in advance. There is no need to fixate on the details. A laid back, stress-free experience is what pura vida is all about!

For more reasons on why you should come to Cost Rica during the Green Season check out:

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