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Top Day Trips from Santa Teresa


Whether you’re the kind to plan an itinerary and stick to it, or you like to “fly by the seat of your pants”, as the saying goes, having some proven day-trips in your back pocket isn’t a bad thing. Something we at Costa Rica Beach Rentals often hear from our clients is that they want the “local” experience and while Pura Vida certainly personifies appreciating a lack of “hustle & bustle” activity, there are a few activities that those of us who live here will jump at spending a day doing. So here are some sure-fire good times that Costa Rica Beach Rentals has put together for you, if you’re visiting the Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, or Playa Hermosa area.


One of the easiest day trips is the tour to Isla Tortuga. Setting out from Montezuma bay, this tour will take patrons over an underwater volcano, past the nesting island for the worlds blue-footed boobies, and explore the Nicoya bay before letting off onto the protected Isla Tortuga for snorkeling, lunch, and picnics on the beach. The setting around Isla Tortuga is like a set of a movie, with other smaller islands and exposed outcrops perfect for attracting sea life in close proximity to the island, named for it’s turtle shape. On the way back, groups can stop off on additional isolated beaches and see views of protected reserves, such as Cabo Blanco, and Curu Nature Reserve.


If you’re renting a quad or moto for the day, a great trip is to buzz up to Playa Coyote. Named for its former large population of coyotes, this small town has a few notable restaurants, inns, and vistas. They often host rodeos and different local festivals, so there’s always a chance to catch something at random when you’re there.



The trip to Coyote is really the adventure and highlight of the trip though. Setting out from your Costa Rica Beach Rental in Santa Teresa, vehicles will want to head North, toward Playa Hermosa and, eventually Manzanillo. It’s important to time this trip with tides and go at a time when there has been minimal rains, as it requires crossing rivers. The pass from Hermosa to Manzanillo is a beautiful beachside drive that could easily rank among the most beautiful drives in the world and once in Manzanillo, the route breaks out onto the beach for a few kilometers before heading back inland for a river crossing. Stop off at a corner bar that’s a known pit-stop halfway marker and then continue onward through the countryside for another bit. It’s not so far away that you can’t catch sunset in Coyote and make it back to Manzanillo before dark.

Another great trip to take without a guide is over to Montezuma. This town easily has a few days worth of things to do, but the highlights can be hit in a single day. Making the brewery, butterfly garden, and Montezuma waterfalls a trifecta is a must for any venture over to that side of the peninsula. Hosting an organic market, multiple craft vendors, and a heavy yoga scene, there are plenty of activities to do or one can just get some local gelato and stroll the beach. They don’t have clear sunsets on this side, but the sunrises can be breathtaking, if you can make it over there that early.


So, if you’re only here a week, we’ve got your entire vacation planned for you. Kidding! Costa Rica Beach Rentals knows you’ve got it all taken care of, but if you want any tips or have any questions about the specifics of some of these excellent day trips, feel free to ask! We love sharing Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches with all of you and can’t wait to show you our newest luxury rentals!


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