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Top 3 Romantic Activities in Santa Teresa


Your Guide to a Romantic Vacation in Santa Teresa

We’ve seen it portrayed in books, movies, magazines, and even in our own dreams as we sleep. The stereotype romantic vacation almost always includes white sands, blue waters, painted sunsets, and palm trees galore. No need to fantasize any longer, Costa Rica Beach Rentals has it already planned out for you in a way to make it unique to you and your significant other. Already known for some of the best beaches in Costa Rica where the untouched jungle spills out onto rolling sands and rocky outcrops, every cove has a deserted island feel from Mal Pais through Playa Carmen to Santa Teresa and all the way down to Playa Hermosa. We have beautiful luxury rentals in every part of town to give you just the vibe you’re looking for and we can almost guarantee the romance to start the moment you walk through the door, but if you’re looking to take it to the next level, here are a few couples activities that seem to leap forth out of the pages of a romance novel.

Couples Massage

What better way to relieve the stress of everyday life and get into the pura vida vibe than to release physical tension and add sexual tension at the same time. Imagine laying next to your lover, the smell of essential oils in the air and the crash of waves in the background, all whilst being rubbed down by a licensed professional massage therapist. Masters of their craft and paired with beautiful scenery, we offer couples massages in varying styles to suite whatever the occasion perfectly. Any troubles will instantly wash away as you both enjoy what has long time been the epitomic symbol of luxury for centuries.

Sunset Horseback Ride

From postcards to the cover of romance novels, hoof-prints in the sand and hair flowing in the wind atop a gorgeous steed is another idyllic symbol of romance. We can’t transform you into Fabio but with sunset horseback rides, we can arrange for you to be painted into that picture yourself. Start with a nice relaxing ride through the jungle, timed with the tides and sunset by our local guides to make this fantasy a perfect reality. Santa Teresa is world renowned for its picturesque layered sunsets of purples, pinks, and golds, and you’ll be a head above the rest from the back of one of their well-trained horses and aside the one you care about most.

Candlelit Dinner

So how do you put an exclamation mark on what has already been an amazingly romantic day? A candle-lit dinner for two, catered by a private chef who has an inside track on the best wines and organic ingredients in the area should do the trick. With culinary masters of every culture choosing to call Santa Teresa home, the food selection from Playa Carmen to Playa Hermosa is unique to Costa Rica already, but having a chef with a storied culinary career and knowledge of how to prepare the best local cuisine makes the experience one-of-a-kind. Let Costa Rica Beach Rentals know when and where, and we’ll help create the perfect environment for you to take the reins for the rest of whatever the night holds.

Destination weddings, magazine fashion photoshoots, and celebrity getaways are all synonymous with the Santa Teresa area. Whether you’re looking to hide away in the beauty of Mal Pais or Playa Hermosa, or want to socialize and share your experience with others in Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Beach Rentals has everything you need to customize the romance to exactly your tastes. Let us know your fantasy and we’ll schedule these and many more activities to suite your schedule and desires, so everything is taken care of before you walk through the door. Costa Rica Beach Rentals is your home for luxury living in this beautiful paradise nation, so feel free to let your lover know you’ve got something special planned, and let us handle it from there!



  • Lucas Gredner says:

    Hi there,

    my girlfriend and I are together on March 21st, 20 for 6 years and I would like to surprise you with a romantic experience. Do you have a suggestion and the price for me?

    Best regrads
    Lucas Gredner

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