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Santa Teresa Community Proud During COVID Days


Our team at Costa Rica Beach Rentals can proudly say that one of the biggest draws to Santa Teresa is our sense of community & the people that make it ever so special. During these unprecedented and unfortunate times of uncertainty for all we have been focusing on the positiveness of people, the wonderful ways we as a community have been pulling together to help those less fortunate and the strength to which we are all determined to maintain our special piece of paradise.

In the last few weeks local businesses have been asked to reduce their seating capacity, customer intakes, limit their operating hours and so forth. Like most small businesses (especially those relying on tourism) worldwide this has not only affected the owners but also the staff and workers that depend on these jobs for their families, thus leaving majority of them without wages to pay rent, for food, school etc. While everyone is anticipating and hoping the government will step-in with some aide, our Santa Teresa community has been focusing on helping locally to support those with loss of income & reduce the risk to our beloved community.


Here are just some examples of the generous ways our town have united:

ADI Malpais y Santa Teresa (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral) is by far the most active in helping those affected during these times. They are a non-profit (and tax deductible in the US) organization, run by volunteers, that act as a liaison between both private & public organizations to ensure the community’s development is done sustainably & correctly by managing & generating resources for all community projects. Within hours ADI had created an emergency fund aimed to help those in need due to loss of income. This fund, which to-date has raised over $15,000 USD (and still going!) will help buy hygiene products, medical necessities & groceries for those left vulnerable. Find out more about their project here: ADI Malpais y Santa Teresa Facebook & Instagram


Another great initiative we have seen throughout town is the placement of donation tables at the local supermarkets. Based on the honor system, these tables ask those who can help to donate whatever possible, and those who are in need to feel free to take some items. Since impacted by loss of income, many families are in need of the basics, so this aims to help with as little or as much as needed while not having to ask or feel shame. Since not all can donate cash this also allows people to chip in with donations at their convenience, as we all know every little bit helps!

Lastly as a community we have been proud of the swiftness to which everyone came together to help reduce the risks and keep our town COVID free. Despite the consequences business owners have decided to cater to only locals and not accept tourism at this time, protestors have urged (and won!) the ferry’s to limit their trips to only essential delivery trucks and as hard as it has been locals have all agreed the beach will be closed until further notice.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-28 at 6.43.09 AM

We are always proud to say we live in a special community like Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, but these times reinforce our thoughts and remind us just how truly great “Pura Vida” life is. Our team at Costa Rica Beach Rentals wishes everyone to stay safe, keep healthy, act locally, think globally and remember we will be waiting for you with sunny weather, warm waves & smiles when you visit next! Postpone, don’t cancel!



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