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How to Pick the Perfect Vacation Rental


Costa Rica Beach Rentals knows it can be tough to find the perfect rental in a place you’ve never visited. Rolling the dice and going in blind is an option, but that rarely works out. Many of us have realized mistakes can lead to extra costs and inconveniences you didn’t bargain for. Well Costa Rica Beach Rentals can help you find exactly what you’re looking for within your budget and without any surprises. Here are a few things to consider when trying to figure out how to pick the perfect rental in Santa Teresa.


Location, Location, Location

A priority will always be location, so knowing the layout of the town can put a lot of things into perspective and with that in mind, many people seem to be in disbelief of the simplicity of Santa Teresa. The main road into town comes from Cobano and drops down a large hill before eventually coming to a four-way stop, where the ocean can be seen at the end of the street directly across from the road in. This is Playa Carmen and from that stop sign, there are two options: left (South) into Mal Pais, which stretches about two miles to the fishing village, or right (North) and into Santa Teresa for roughly three miles before making it on to Playa Hermosa which borders the far side of Santa Teresa. This road runs about 500 yards from the beach the entire way, so most places are within walking distance of the beach, with sections of Santa Teresa and North Santa Teresa being the best surf breaks.

Getting Around

crossing a river on a guided atv tour in costa rica

Another convenience is knowing the optimal type of transport. The area is all dirt roads and can vary in condition seasonally, and while the entire series of towns can be walked on foot, it can take away from time enjoying the cuisine and sightseeing. Roads turn off of the main beachfront road and ascend directly up mountain sides, often with high slope, so this is something to surely consider in picking your perfect rental. The mountain homes are quiet and have breathtaking sunset and morning swell views but four-wheel drive is often recommended for these homes while one could get away with a bicycle closer to the main road.



Deciding to rent a vehicle, whether it be motorcycle, quad, or car is a great convenience, and is wise to budget in to enhance the local jungle experience, so where does that leave your Costa Rica Beach Rental budget. We have everything ranging from $100 USD per night for a luxury surf cabina with access to a pool and a short walk to the beach up to elegant $2,500+ per night homes with oceanfront infinity pools built to entertain, and everything in between.


Depending on your needs, Costa Rica Beach Rentals can set you up with any number of bedrooms, all with private baths if preferred, out in the jungle or near the beach. Whether you’re looking for a pool or something near a nature reserve, we have all types of amenities and options to choose from. Imagine yourself in the mountains above Mal Pais, looking down on every surf break, or in a quiet part of Playa Hermosa where you can let your worries melt away, let us help you discover a dream vacation.

Costa Rica Beach Rentals can find you what you want. Feel free to call us to get specific details on some of the items to consider in picking your perfect vacation rental and keep checking back to see what new rentals we have. Costa Rica Beach Rentals is your choice for rentals in the Santa Teresa and Southern Nicoya area and we’re always posting new homes!


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