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How to Bring Costa Rica to Your Home Without Traveling


We know a lot of upcoming trips to Costa Rica got postponed, as well as a lot of you are at home daydreaming of your next getaway to sunny Playa Santa Teresa, so we have decided to help bring a little “pura vida”  to your living room! Of course we know this will not replace that special feeling of paradise, here are some tips from our team to you about how you can bring some of Costa Rica into your home during these times!

1) Cook Your Own Gallo Pinto


A staple in any Costa Rican breakfast (or any meal really) is Gallo Pinto, which translates to “spotted hen”, named for its black & white coloring, a delicious rice and bean dish. The tasty (and affordable!) dish is made throughout Central America, however with slight differences. In Costa Rica the recipe calls for black beans, rice and some simple, yet flavorful, spices & seasonings. A quick and easy way to incorporate a little bit of Tico flavor to any meal! Here is a great recipe that you can try today! Don’t forget the Lizano!

2) Learn a Little Costa Rican Slang

Using this time to brush up on some local slang is always a good idea mae! Check out our previously posted blog article on the “Top Costa Rican Slang” you should know before arriving in  paradise. This may help you make a new friend or have an adventure! Alternatively if you wish to delve a bit deeper you can take advantage of a (FREE!) language app, such as DuoLingo, to take your learning to the next level!


3) Build a Rainforest 

One family was so bummed their trip to Costa Rica got postponed they decided to build a rainforest in their own living room! Check out the adorable video of them exploring here! This is a great way for kids to not only learn about Costa Rica’s biodiversity, but also a fun way to pass the time being creative.

4) Relax to Costa Rican Tunes w/ an Imperial

One of the main reasons we travel is to relax, and what better way is there than to just kick back listening to some smooth tunes with a cold drink in hand?! We realize only a handful of you will be able to get a hold of our local Imperial beer where you live, so if you cannot find the cerveza you can always opt for a tropical cocktail to enjoy! Once you pick your drink of choice, put on the smooth sounds of local Costa Rican band Ojo De Buey, a personal favorite of ours, and dance the night away!

downloadWhile these are just quick fixes to help get some Pura Vida in your daily life, nothing can really replace the feeling you get when traveling Costa Rica. When the time is right our team at Costa Rican Beach Rentals will be ready to help find you the perfect place in paradise to enjoy your much-needed getaway.



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