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Getting Around Santa Teresa


Anyone that has visited Costa Rica for any extended period of time is bound to rave about how utterly beautiful it is in every aspect. Geographically, the rolling mountains, towering volcanoes, and cascading waterfalls are picturesque in every way, but not only that, the laid-back “Pura Vida” vibe of the people points to a wealth of happiness in all residents’ hearts. Costa Rica Beach Rentals is based right in the heart of this stress-free lifestyle which is why they’re out to share the warm and fuzzy feelings Santa Teresa provides with everyone. The area from Mal Pais to Playa Hermosa, although technically three different towns, is all casually referred to as Santa Teresa and stretches a total of about eight miles in a straight line down the coast and while eight miles isn’t a great distance by any stretch of the imagination, it can be greater than some may want to walk on a daily basis. This is why, for this installment, Costa Rica Beach Rentals is bringing you all the best options for getting around our little corner of paradise.

Santa Teresa beach

Depending on where your Costa Rica Beach Rental is located, most surf breaks, boutiques, and restaurants are within walking distance. Walking is a fantastic way to meet new people and become intimate with one’s surroundings. “Pura Vida” culture often encourages individuals to stop and have short conversations with familiar faces along a stroll which is a wonderful benefit to using your “Chevro-legs” to get around, but walking can still be a bit slow paced for those taking a break from their fast-paced lives. Luckily there are several locations that offer rental bicycles for very cheap. Many shops will offer bicycles with options such as baskets for souvenirs and even surf racks so patrons can pedal to and fro in search of the optimal surf break. Some hostels go as far as to offer electric bicycles that can get you to a morning coffee without even breaking a sweat.

crossing a river on a guided atv tour in costa rica

If you’re already in your Costa Rica Beach Rental while reading this, you’ve probably already noticed that the primary means of transportation for residents of Santa Teresa are ATVs, known locally as “quads” and motorcycles “motos”. A quick stop in the town’s main crossroads will offer plenty of rental company options for both to make sure you get the best deal. This is an obvious choice for groups and families because it makes the whole area accessible in less than ten minutes, not to mention a form of entertainment. Who doesn’t want to buzz around on dirt bikes and ATVs on their way to buy a local designer bikini or jump from atop a beautiful waterfall!?

Lastly is the rental car option. This is an obvious choice for travelers looking to check out other destinations throughout Costa Rica or those who enjoy the comfort of air conditioning. Rental cars are a great way to keep your travel supplies close without having to lug them around on your person and is optimal for those traveling during the rainy season and looking to stay dry. Because of the roads and pedestrian traffic, rental vehicles will likely take a little longer than quads and motos to get patrons to their destination, but that slight increase in time will be spent wholly enjoying the comfort of the radio and air conditioning.

Sunset bike ride in front of rental

If you haven’t arrived at your Costa Rica Beach Rental yet or are still planning your vacation, feel free to contact us directly and we can pre-arrange some of the above options. ATVs can often be dropped off directly to your Costa Rica Beach Rental and we can reserve a car rental or even bicycle for pick-up upon request. Costa Rica Beach Rentals is here to make your Costa Rica vacation in Santa Teresa the best it can possibly be and we know when you start planning your next visit you’ll know who to come to for the best experience possible. Our luxury rentals will have you feeling like you’re walking through the pages of a magazine, so don’t let transportation be your hang-up for getting out to explore. Check back here for upcoming new rentals and tips on getting to your destination worry free. We’re always posting new things here catered just for you!


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