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Canopy Tour Costa Rica

zip line canopy tour in mal pais costa rica

Zip Line Canopy Tour of Mal Pais

Canopy tours originated in Costa Rica back in the early 1990s.  Before tours through the jungle started, biologists were using the concept of a zip line to study the rain forest and jungle of Costa Rica.  The zip line cables and raised platforms provide the perfect way to study the rain forest of Costa Rica while having very little impact on the environment.  What started as a way to do research in the jungle has transformed into one of the most popular family activities on a Costa Rican Vacation.

The Canopy Tour of Mal Pais starts down by Cabo Blanco National Park.  There are over 10 cables to go on as you traverse through the jungle.  The cables vary in length with the longest one extended over 900 feet.  That cable is so long you can’t even see the end!

In between each exhilarating ride you will rest on a platform high above the jungle floor.  These platforms are the perfect setting to experience the dense jungle of Costa Rica.  Visitor often see monkeys and a variety of species of birds.  Some of the platforms also have an ocean view so you get the best of both worlds.

The experienced tour guides will cater to every need on the tour.  Small children can go with a guide and they will also help those who may be a little nervous of heights.  For adventure seekers, the guides can set you up to do a superman zip line or even go upside down!

Tours run daily in Mal Pais.  The canopy tour of Mal Pais is located by the fishing village at the southern end of town.  All of our vacation rentals and beachfront hotels are only minutes away from this amazing experience.  We will gladly make a reservation for you.  Contact us today for more details.



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