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Best Ways To Get To Santa Teresa From San Jose


It can be a daunting task for a fresh traveler to make the journey from San Jose to Santa Teresa. Going from the literal center of the nation, out to the tip of a peninsula sticking off the far west coast of the country’s landmass can seem like quite the mountain to climb after flying in from elsewhere in the world. Hours on a plane, and now what? What if you don’t speak Spanish? Costa Rica Beach Rentals is here to help. We’ve got a guide to help you get from point A to point B with the greatest of ease or the greatest of savings and all the keys to overcome any obstacles that may arise. Whether you’re bussing, renting, flying, or shuttling to your Costa Rica Beach Rental, we have your guide to get to your front door.

Local Bus


Many backpackers and bargain hunters will take the bus route. Sacrificing time for savings here is the key, but unlike most bussing experiences, there’s a hidden treasure to be found on the bus ride to Santa Teresa from San Jose. First, thing to know is that from the airport, you’ll need to take a taxi to Terminal 7-10 and buy a bus ticket on the second story for the “directo a Santa Teresa” (direct bus to Santa Teresa). The midday bus leaves at 2PM and there are places to grab a quick bite to eat as well as some last-minute supplies in the terminal if you’re in a rush or just killing time. The bus usually ranges about $15 USD depending on your exact stop and is about 6 hours long. The gem of the bus trip is the 90 minute break riders get after boarding the ferry to cross the Nicoya Bay. Catching the 2PM bus aligns this ferry ride perfectly with sunset and is nearly worth the 6 hour ride to see it.



Shuttles will take the same route as the bus, although they run much more often and will likely pick you up from the airport. The ride time is cut down to 4 hours in exchange for a $50 USD price tag, but the ride is significantly more comfortable and often the shuttles have wifi, so you can communicate right away, even if you haven’t purchased a local SIM card for your phone yet. One isn’t likely to catch the 5PM sunset ferry going this route, but the ferry ride is still beautiful midday and travelers will have the opportunity to observe the landscape of the Southern Nicoya from Paquera to Santa Teresa out the window before nightfall.

Rental Car

Car rental is another route to go if you’re feeling more independent. There are many rental companies within the exit terminal of the airport and they can all be prearranged online on their respective websites. Depending on the time of year and any rewards customers may have, rentals will usually run from $45 – $150 USD per day plus gas depending on insurance packages and vehicle size. There’s a drop off for several rental companies at the main crossroads in Santa Teresa so there’s a little wiggle room for bargain shopping amongst rental companies. Be warned that driving laws in Costa Rica are different and that Costa Rica Beach Rentals highly recommends adding a GPS package to your rental for easy navigation. 

Domestic Flight


Lastly is a local flight option. If one has the slightly extra funds to spare this is such a time saver and convenience it’s absolutely the top choice and usually runs about $100. Both Sansa and Costa Rica Green Airways have regular flights from San Jose to Tambor, which is just a 40 minute taxi ride from Santa Teresa. Sansa often has shared shuttles set up to take passengers from Tambor to Santa Teresa for just $20, otherwise a cab ride will be about $50 USD. Costa Rica Green Airways allows pets and the first surfboard free, all while frequently providing beverages for the short 25 minute flight. The views over Costa Rica from under 10,000 feet are utterly breathtaking and the landing strip on the beach is a sight to behold. You’ll be patting yourself on the back over the convenience of the whole thing after stepping into your Costa Rica Beach rental if you choose to take a Sansa or Costa Rica Green Airways flight. 

So no matter the weather, no matter the circumstance, with the information above you should be able to aptly plan the final leg of your journey to your Costa Rica Beach Rental. Playa Hermosa, Mal Pais, and the whole Santa Teresa area being so far from civilization is part of what makes it so special and  we want to share every bit of it with you. For any additional questions, specifics on directions to the area or anything else, feel free to contact us and until then, stay tuned for more tips and tricks for making the most out of your Costa Rica vacation.


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