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Best Ways to Get from Liberia to Santa Teresa


Say you’re planning your Costa Rica paradise vacation and are planning on exploring the Nicoya Peninsula. Asking around to fellow travelers who’ve already been or maybe a friend who is already taking advantage of life in a Blue Zone, just about anyone will recommend Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, and Montezuma as must-see destinations. They’re also likely to recommend flying in via Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia as the easiest and most direct route to access the Nicoya Peninsula and much of the Northern parts of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Beach Rentals wants to take their recommendations a step further and give you an all-option, step-by-step guide to traveling from Liberia to Santa Teresa.


There are a few different options for travelers and like many other destinations they range from cheap and time consuming to pricey and amazingly convenient, but none of the options are reserved for the rich and famous. Looking to save time? Chartering a small plane via one of the local airlines is an excellent way to get a bird’s eye view of the wonderful coastline and lush jungles in addition to cutting the remaining travel time down to minutes rather than hours. Sansa often offers a couple flights per day at preset times from Liberia to Tambor and Costa Rica Green Airways is available for private charter upon request at incredibly reasonable prices as well. From Tambor, it’s just a quick taxi ride to Santa Teresa and depending on the time of year, Sansa will offer a shuttle to help patrons save a little more.

Several shuttle companies such as Tropical Tours Shuttles and Zuma Tours run routes multiple times per day to and from Liberia and Santa Teresa. This is very convenient if meeting up with someone on the other side because all of their shuttles have wi-fi onboard to help travelers communicate with their end-destinations and friends without having to have a working phone card. These shuttles will stop a few time for snacks and transfers so worry not if you’re a patron that often requires restroom stops. The shuttles generally take about five and a half hours to reach the Santa Teresa area and their polite drivers will be happy to strike up a conversation or offer directions and recommendations. In addition, these shuttle companies will often drop you off at your Costa Rica Beach Rentals front door. Visit their respective websites for times and rates.


Another option is one of the many rental car companies with locations just next door to Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to take your time and perhaps stop off at a few destinations along the way. There’s actually an amazing Cafe Europa just a few minutes into the journey from the airport that is an excellent place to stop for a cup of coffee or craft beer and food to recharge after a long flight and before setting off toward your Costa Rica Beach Rentals. Being that your rental car will only stop as many times as your choosing, this can often be faster than the shuttle option and it’s always a plus to have your own vehicle when arriving in Santa Teresa, even though just about everything is within walking distance.

Costa Rica Beach Rentals can’t wait to get you here and enjoying our beautiful paradise. Whether you charter a plane, arrange a shuttle, or rent a car and drive yourself, Costa Rica Beach Rentals is happy to answer any questions and offer a helping hand. We understand traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating, so we want to provide you with all the tips and tricks to ease your mind and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. Keep stopping in for more insider information to make your Costa Rica Beach Rentals vacation the holiday of your dreams and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


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