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5 Social Distancing Activities in Playa Santa Teresa

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At this point, it’s safe to say that lockdown is a bit of a drag. Most of us have binged our Netflix cupboards dry, toiled countless hours away on Youtube, scrolled through thousands of pages worth of Instagram photos, and explored a new hobby or two already. We’ve stopped counting the time in months because fractions of a year have become more appropriate descriptions and the time that has transpired seems to stretch endlessly in both directions. If you’re like me, finding novel ways of occupying this new found temporal freedom has become a daily task in and of itself. Well, Costa Rica Beach Rentals is here to provide our readers with a vacation for the mind. We know you check back here for positive updates from paradise, so we’ve put together a few activities still safe under the new social distancing norms. Three fantastic ways to climb out of a funk are having an exhilarating new experience, raising one’s heart rate to near its maximum, and tending to the stress in the body. All of our suggestions have one or more of these qualities, so without further adieu, let us begin the ascent to exuberance.

Picture from one of the surf breaks that works with a South Swell

1) Surfing

First up is arguably the activity that attracts the most individuals to our little piece of paradise in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. From Mal Pais to Playa Hermosa, the entire Santa Teresa area is a surfer’s paradise and while beaches nationwide are closed after 2:30 PM, the sunrise sessions are still free and clear. Sitting in the line-up, surrounded by salty sea spray and UV light, staying six feet from other surfers has always been the norm. Coupled with the increased blood flow and topical magnesium absorption from ocean salts and surfing could practically be prescribed as COVID-19 prevention. The excitement and enjoyment of surfing speaks for itself. Just look at the “ear to ear” grin of any surfer on a wave or try to keep them from getting into the lineup.

2) Hiking the Nature Parks

Another less extreme way to spike the heart rate and take in a novel experience is to go on a hike. There are countless National Parks across Costa Rica and plenty more volcano trails to explore anywhere your Costa Rica Beach Rental might be located. Our personal recommendations are Curu Wildlife Refuge and Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve which are located on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula near Montezuma and Mal Pais. Both of these locations offer night tours that come highly recommended, but there are plenty of flora and fauna to be seen day or night. Reduced group numbers and open air have created a safe environment for those concerned about COVID-19.

Mahi mahi caught in costa rica

3) Fishing & Whale Watching

Fishing is a particularly time consuming and entertaining activity that can be a workout, novel experience, and relaxation all rolled into one depending on how it’s executed. Kayak fishing in Mal Pais is regularly talked about as one of visitors favorite activities and a morning catch can put a positive spin of accomplishment on the day before it’s even gotten started. If paddling isn’t your thing a small panga can be chartered to go trolling further out. Humpback whales regularly migrate close to the Santa Teresa shore and within the peninsula as well, so if the timing is right, seeing these massive creatures up front is an unforgettable enough experience to shock the boredom out of anyone’s life.

4) Relax in the Tide Pools 

Maybe you’re comfortable in boredom. Often boredom yields creativity and many seeking to escape their busy consumerist lives are just seeking a bit of solace. More than one person daydreams of soaking in a tub with a good book and the sound of tranquil waves played over the bluetooth speaker. And while that sounds fantastic, after six months it could very well be an itch that has been scratched recently and frequently. It’s just a substitute for the real thing anyway. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging in a warm isolated tide pool, the crashing waves in sight, bright tropical fish under toe, book in hand. Paint a picnic basket into the image and this relaxing experience starts to sound like something out of a romance novel and not a social distancing activities list.

crossing a river on a guided atv tour in costa rica

5) ATV Adventure Tour

Lastly, one will need to get around to these various activities. Sure, you could contact Costa Rica Beach Rentals to arrange a taxi or driver, but most visitors give into the allure of the ATV. ATVs can be rented in most of the Santa Teresa area and beach towns throughout Costa Rica. Hopping on the back of one of these things is a real quick way to revert to one’s childhood and unleash the spirit of adventure. Be sure to ask your rental company about group ATV tours. Many of the rental companies offer adventure ATV tours to Montezuma and Playa Coyote that will take riders across rivers, under the jungle canopy and over the beach sand and rock formations. Just one day buzzing about town on one of these things and the desire to push it a little bit can become overwhelming. Having a tour guide and instructor nearby allows one to feel comfortable in the entirely new experience.

Wow, so many activities to do and that is the story throughout Costa Rica. In a paradise nation where so many spend their days outside appreciating natural beauty, many of the daily activities have remained safe under the new social distancing rules. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the healthy food full of panaceas, enjoy Costa Rica. Costa Rica Beach Rentals wants you to know that our hearts go out to all in difficult situations. If you can, come visit us, take a load off your mind. There’s still plenty to do!


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